BuyBack Program

Featuring over 30,000 LT influenced calves, yearlings & replacement heifers.

Feeder Calf Buy Back Program

We have developed a feeder calf buyback program over the past several years to help add value to not only our commercial bull customers herds, but to help add top performing genetics to some of the best farmer feeders and commercial feedlots across the US.

Our goal is to help facilitate contacts between our bull customers and feeders that are seeking top quality Charolais cross and angus feeder cattle and replacement females. We also purchase several thousand head of feeder cattle and replacement heifers to background and breed in our own feedlots each year. Please give us a call any time to discuss marketing options that fit your operation.

Please contact Bryce, Brent or Todd for more information

Bryce 605-850-3887 

Brent 605-848-1840

Todd 605-850-8132